May, 2018
Dance performance
This year I've been nominated for an theatre Award «Golden Mask» as a composer for music for contemporary dance performance «40».
«40» is a dance myth about something that happens before and after life. 40 days is an important time period in many cultures and religious traditions. 40 minutes — is the length of this not yet life and not yet death dance. Number 40 symbolises the transformation from the present to the future, the whole life and the life's limit. 40 is about abstinence, ordeal, catharsis, wandering and waiting.
I have made electroacoustic soundtrack. I have recorded and then processed crunchy sounds of snow. Sound is independent from dance and dance don't follow the music. Function of the sound is to be the scenery. I've made four ambiences for each part of performance. Some of them are very minimalistic and consist from one sound loop. After few minutes of listening spectator may have auditory hallucinations. Form of loop is important for me cause it symbolise world arrangement, lots of process are cyclical.
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