Inner child
Sound performance
that helps to come back to the beginning of life
This fascinating project had grown from my work as a composer for the play «I Was Born». The mission of the performance was to explain to the children about their birth. One of my sound design task was to create «what the child hears in mother's womb». I had been thinking on this a lot before. While working on sound design I have met scenographer Irina Novichkova who helped me to realize this idea as an art performance.
We made false belly from silicon and pour a special liquid inside it. My partner Maxim Ivanov helped me to make an electronic device with array of sensitive microphones and amplifier. As a result, visitors can hear sounds of environment with headphones in real time, as if they are underwater. At the same time they can hear my heart beat, rumbling stomach, and me singing something like a lullaby. I tried to reconstruct situation when visitors were babies in mother's womb. I believe that we have sound memory. When you listen to your favourite song you can go back in time emotionally and remember what happened when you were listening this song for the first time. I considered my sound design can help come back to the beginning of life and understand something very important about yourself and about your inner child.
One important things happened to me after performance in Ekaterinburg's Yeltsin Center. I have got an interesting feedback from a girl participant. First she felt my excitement but my anxiety had passed to her then. After a while I went to look up on exhibition about first Russian president Yeltsin. It was extensive interactive exposition about 7 days of his rule, about putsch, war in Chechnya, the collapse of the ruble (economic crisis). I was born in 1989 and all this historical events left the imprint on my childhood. Events occurred when I was a child and I really didn't understood all importance of this actions right away.
Exposition have immersed me in past and I started to imagine what my mom felt: Soviet Union collapse, tanks shooting at the white house. What she felt when you celebrate New Year and the president inform you about his quitting in last day of 20th century. But now, after almost twenty years I still feel unstable, full of anxiety and fear. I thought all this feelings came from my mother, from the past. Actually it's not mine. With my art work I show that mother's womb is not so cosy place as we use to think. Baby is surrounded with a lot of sounds and some of them are frightening and disturbing.
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