2008-present time
Kira Lao
Art-pop music project.
I created this project when I was 19 years old and living in Velikiy Novgorod. At first I was exploring the bounds of musical genres. I decided to mix elements of trip-hop and folk and invited a beatboxer, a cellist, and a psaltery player to perform with me. Our debut LP with this collective was published on the Artemy Troitskiy' label «Voshod» in 2011. Then we win Sergey Kuryokhin Award — nomination «Etno-Mechanica». I moved to Moscow and the sound of the project moved too, it transformed to rock. With new group we recorded few EPs, got positive feedback from musical critics, played on several different musical festivals including Picnic Afisha and opened the concert of Blonde Redhead in Russia. But after LP release «The Water» the project was put on hiatus. This year I reanimated Kira Lao in a new kind.

I come back with solo electronic album «Anxious Expirience». The form of this work similar as audio theatrical performance. Sounds of urban, monologs recorded on iPhone and actually songs mixed into story of personal crises. Leading musical magazines call it «one of the best releases in 2019th».
Earlier my friends were asking me, why my face is so sad. But I didn't understand what they mean. I didn't saw my self externally in that moment. All things seams to me not sad inside. But truly I was not just sad, I was in somatic depression and this condition, my stomachache and sore throat become for me normal. First time I thought that «Sad Face» will be good name for the release. But still time I decided to use this concept for cover. I asked my friend fashion designer Eyenastya made the «mask of depression» for me and send to her most emotional selfies. She also became an author of my concert costume.

Photo by Anna Titova
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