Laboratory with Rimini Protokoll in Sviyazhsk
Exciting experience of taking part in theatrical laboratory performance week organized by Stefan Kaegy from Rimini Protocoll. Main heroes of our projects were students of theological seminary in Kazan. It was an attempt to make church and theatre become friends. So that was not a real play. We call it "The Meeting". We got few interviews with seminarians, in order to know each other better, and then worked with them as directors to help them produce their own part of speech and scenery. Seminarians' mission was to explain the reasons why they decided to devote life to God. I worked with a seminarian named Danil. He used to be a programmer before. Now he is programming for church. We had a talk about his app for windows phone with orthodox radio «Vera», automatic system for bell ringing and plans for the future: how the church can make use of virtual reality and artificial intelligence.
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